Friday, 28 July 2017

The song how far i'll go

On Friday the whole class in Room 12 had to sing the song 'How Far I'll Go'. We chose that song because it was related to Tonga and Samoa. Also all the class had to present something that were related to the pacific, Room 1 perform the Samoan sasa and Room 5 sang a song called 'Le Aute' then Rm 6 wore clothes that relates to the pacific, they all were wearing different clothes. They came out the other door and showed us their clothes that they were wearing. Then once every class in the school showed us their performances we all had to come back to class.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

chicken curry with rice

Today we made chicken curry with rice. First we had to get out a pot and put the chicken inside with water and wait for it to cook. Then when we were finished cooking the chicken we had to get a frying pan and make the curry chicken sauce. We used Indian tomato sauce, tomato paste, herbs spices, black peeper and curry then we mixed it in the frying pan with a wooden spoon then we tasted it if it was sour then we had to just add in a little bit of brown sugar. After the water in the pot was drained out we had to place the chicken in the pan with the sauce already to be stirred while on the stove. We had to wait for 20 minutes till the the chicken was ready to serve onto a plat with the rice. Ready to be eaten.

Monday, 24 July 2017


On Wednesday we watched the year 0 to year 4 they had to skip the longest and the winner was Reality from room 7. When the year 0 and year 4 students finished there skipping Room 9 had to do there skipping display after they had finished there display it was Room 10 turn then  Room 12. After all of the class done there display it was time for the seniors turn to skip the longest. The classes had finished skipping and now we all had to pack all the skipping ropes away a come back to class.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

What we do for Fitness

Everyday in the morning we sometimes do dancing for daily fitness. But sometimes we do Circuits. Circuits is an activity that we do at school in the morning. when you're doing  Circuits you will be in your groups and doing eight different excises. But most of the we run around the school block for 15 minutes. And we have to take out the speaker from Room 10 so we can do dancing  we can pick at least 3 song so we can dance to.