Friday, 29 September 2017

colour combine

how does colour change.

How does two different colour change in one spinning dis. when two colors are on a spinning dis and spin it really fast the two colors will form a different colour for example red and blue will make purple if you spin the spinning wheal really fast if your spinning it slow the colour wont show. and make sure that the two colors are colored darkly so the colors a mixed darkly and can be clear to see a make sure that the sped limit of the spinning is fast enough.

Monday, 4 September 2017

cross country for fitness

On Monday morning we did our warm up, before we had to run around the streets two times. Most of us were jogging, walking or even sprinting, we were all tired and hot. As we were jogging I could see people sweating.  But sadly we weren't finished. When I was on the last lap I dashed to the end as fast as possible. Later on we had to sit on the ground to wait for the other's to arrive.