Monday, 23 November 2015

Our movie Kotahitanga

My part of making our movie was making a letter A out of newspaper for the word Ruapotaka. My buddies to do this were Mary and Henry. We read the newspaper in the library and then we carried the letter A out onto the field. We played the Stan Walker song while we were making our movie. We sang the National Anthem part in class. I really enjoyed making Room 10's movie for the film festival. It was cool seeing it on the big screen but I wish there was popcorn and drinks. I also think the best movie I saw was Kotahitanga!

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  1. Namaste, Alexandra! I'm so glad you enjoyed making our movie for the film festival. It was a lot of fun. You, Mary and Henry must have learnt the names of all the All Blacks when you were reading the newspaper in the library!