Thursday, 9 November 2017

film festvial

                            Room 12 movie

November 8th we went to Hoyts Sylvia Park in a bus, we had to stay in the bus with the little one's and we had to hold there hand while we were walking to the cinemas. When we arrived there we got to see a lot of different movies from different schools and each schools had two presenters to present there movies .

Friday, 3 November 2017


Today we had to chose a topic on what we a going to write about for our speech. When we have chosen what we wanted to write about we have to write down as much as we know and learn it. When we have written our speech we have to practice it in front of the class.

When we had said our speech we have to be judged by someone else, they also had to time how long the speech was,  if it was 3 minutes and over it was fine. Also the person who was judging had to fill  a document that say volume,vocabulary, expression,hand jesters and others that needed to be in your speech. They will mark you and add up the points and the time your speech was.

Monday, 30 October 2017

daily fitness

Today we are practicing for our athletics. For our fitness we are currently doing relays, we often do it every year. We had to get into our normal groups so that Mr Reid could give us a number. Later on we arrive to our cone. 

Once our groups were sorted one person from each group had to line up in a row so that, when the person arrives to their teammates they pass the baton on and keep running. 

When it came to the forth cone they had to sprint to the end so that their team can finish. It was time for group two to do the same. When they finished everyone headed back to class.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Making takeaway boxes

On Wednesday we had to make a takeaway box. Firstly we had to think of a design so that we can start drawing. After that I had to write about what I'm going to sell in my restaurant,  so I said" I was going to sell sushi, fries, drink and a burger."

Also I had to write the pricing in my restaurant, so I had to draw types of foods on my piece of paper.  Once my drawing was finished I had to put a bar code on it, cut out the out line and transform it into a takeaway box. When it was finished everyone had to hand it over to Mr Pinda, he will take a photo of our artwork and keep it so that he can grade our work.

Friday, 29 September 2017

colour combine

how does colour change.

How does two different colour change in one spinning dis. when two colors are on a spinning dis and spin it really fast the two colors will form a different colour for example red and blue will make purple if you spin the spinning wheal really fast if your spinning it slow the colour wont show. and make sure that the two colors are colored darkly so the colors a mixed darkly and can be clear to see a make sure that the sped limit of the spinning is fast enough.

Monday, 4 September 2017

cross country for fitness

On Monday morning we did our warm up, before we had to run around the streets two times. Most of us were jogging, walking or even sprinting, we were all tired and hot. As we were jogging I could see people sweating.  But sadly we weren't finished. When I was on the last lap I dashed to the end as fast as possible. Later on we had to sit on the ground to wait for the other's to arrive.

Thursday, 31 August 2017


On Tuesday we had to get into two partners and get a map that has a number at the back of it listed up to 1 and 16 on the map it had a directions pointing to it had a little control that had a letter on it. When we got into partners the other one had to hide the control but had to follow the map, the map shows where to put the control when the other person hid the control then gives the map to the other person to find we all had to do at least 10 or 15 when orienteering was over we were all hot and tired after all that running then we had to put the map and the controls in Mr Leon's bag.