Wednesday, 11 April 2018

French Toast

Today at teach we made french toast. We first gathered all the equipment and then the ingredients needed. I was partnered up with two people so it took quite a while for the toast to fully cook.

When it was ready we put the pieces of french toast on the plate and then took a photo of it.

Friday, 6 April 2018


Andrea Hewitt is a New Zealander Triathlete. She was very young when she started swimming. She started to compete in a lot of sporting events including the Commonwealth Games. She first went to the commonwealth games in 2005 and became world champion for Triathlons. 

She was also a competitor In the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She won the Gold Coast hosted World Triathlon Series event on a similar course a year ago. She also sprinted a 5km distance, 750m swim and she biked 20km

The terrain is largely flat apart as what Hewitt describes it is a slight hill over the bridge in south port.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Chocolate muffins🍫🍫

On Wednesday went to tech and Made Chocolate muffins. We all had to follow our daily routine. Then after the basics were done, we had to get all of our equipment out to make the chocolate muffins. Once we had made the mixture for the muffins we put little muffin cups in the muffin tray. Then we put the mixture into the tray next we put the tray into the oven.

Then we had to set the timer for about 5-6 minutes 'til the muffins ready. When the muffins were ready we took a photo of the muffins. I was told to blog about it. Once that was done we could eat it or take home.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

making vanilla muffins

On Wednesday we made vanilla muffins with Mrs Tuipulotu. We had to receive all the equipment out to make the muffins once we made the mixture for the muffins we have to put them into the tray of muffins then turn on the oven to 180 degrees then we have to put the muffins in and wait for it to rise.
After the muffins ready we poke a hole in it and see if it's ready. When it is done we take it out and wait for it to cool down. When the muffins done we either take it home or eat it over there.

Making Nachos

On Wednesday we made Nachos with our buddies. We had to follow Mrs Tuipulotus instruction on the board that she she had set for us. First we had to get all the ingredients that we were going to use to make the Nachos. After when the sauce is ready for the chips we had to put the chip beside the sauce then we eat it.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

What We Made At Technicraft

It was our second day back for cooking at Tamaki College. We had to make a sponge cake roll and  also had to follow the teacher's instruction that she wrote on the board so we can create it. We also had a partner each to assist us make it. Once we've made our sponge cake we had to put toppings on it then roll it up and detach it into segments. But I didn't roll my one.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Back to school for 2018 🤓 🤓

I'm ready to learn and come back to school for 2018. I'm looking forward to coming back to school mostly every day. I enjoy seeing new people coming to our school it's been fun so for me this year. I'm getting use to being a year 8 student in Room 12 with the other year 8's. It was also great seeing the people that was here last year and sad seeing those that left to college.