Friday, 3 August 2018


On Wednesday we had a few special visitors. Once the whole school was in the  multipurpose room, we called out the visitors. When they came out they were dressed in Maori costumes and started dancing. After they stopped they had said they were here to tell us a story about Maori myths and legends.

 While they're telling the story they were also acting. My favorite part that I liked, is when they called up two students and one teacher to show us how to use a Taiaha, but first a man called Lucky had to demonstrate. It was really funny because they didn't know the moves.

Sadly the performance was coming to the end. They closed off with us asking questions, then we said our goodbyes.

Friday, 6 July 2018

basket Weaving


Every Friday, we work on our basket weaving.

First, we had to watch a video that shows us how to make it. Then, once we've finished watching it, we begin. You need a lot of resources such, as a ruler, paper, glue and scissors. When we've finished we hand it in. After that we move on to our next activity. The next activity is easier, we have to make a paper heart and design a beautiful weaved pattern on to it just like the first one.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

My Duffy Award

On Monday we had Syndicate Assembly. When Mrs Vickers finished speaking she called out the teachers for the names of people who had been caught being good. Once the people had
stood up in front of the whole school each person had received a book from Mrs Vickers. I chose a book called Alife Bloom. I've been chosen for moving up a Reading level when I had my reading test. I haven't read it yet but it looks very Interesting to me.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Hip Hop Off

Today was the day we showcased our dance moves. Each group from different classes have been selected to show off their own dances or the dances that they have been taught from our instructor, Jess. The people who were chosen to dance had to practice hard to be better than before.

This afternoon in the multipurpose room the whole school watched all the dances. The best dance group I liked was Room Twelve because the dancers added different unique  moves to the dance which they put together themselves. They looked amazing.

But the funniest one I liked was Room Six because they just made me laugh.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Hip Hop With Jess

Every Tuesday and Friday we go to the Multipurpose Room to learn hip hop with Jess. Jess is our instructor, who teaches us how to dance. She is very skilled and talented. She teaches us very unique dance moves.

When we do hip hop we normally start off with a quick warm up, afterwards we would play a game called musical statues. Once we have finished playing the game we would get into our groups that were organised by the students, not the teachers this time.

When we get together we start off by practicing our dance moves that we put together on Tuesday. Jess lets us practice our moves for ten minutes.

Every group had a turn showing us if they were confident or not. Jess calls this choreo. When all of the groups had shown their dance Jess congratulated us as we massively thanked her. Next week she will have something new planned for us to perform.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Making A Burger

Today is the last day for cooking. We made an egg burger,we first had to gather the ingredients in order to make the burger.

Then we heated the four buns to a 180 degrees. Once that was in the oven we had to fry the eggs when the eggs were done. We put them aside and grab the ingredients to put in the burger like lettuce,onion,tomatoes,cheese,mayo then once all of them has been combined we take a photo of it then it's done. Mrs Tuipulotu said it is a simple recipe that you could try to make a home.


On Monday we had Assembly, it was Room 10's turn to host.

We started by singing a song. After that volunteers had chosen to play a game. They had to get up and follow the instructions that they were given. The game they played was called heads up, it's kind of like charades but in a different way. It was really fun playing against the teachers. When the game was finished it was time for another game called hip hop but everybody won. After those two games it was time to sing another song. Shortly after the teacher's had to hand out the certificates'. When the teachers had handed out the certificates to the students it was time for the special clap. Once the assembly was over we had to head back to class.