Wednesday, 21 June 2017

What I Did At Tec

When I was in Mr Grundy's room we were making things out of wood. First we had to draw what we're going to draw on a piece of paper. We could draw anything on it and we could at least draw ten ideas. When we finished drawing our ten ideas, he will mark it and say what is the best design for me to do. When I have a design to do he tells us how to join them. We have to do it piece by piece if it's perfect when we finished most of our pieces. we can do the cutting and the measuring and when we had finished our joint. We have to give it to Mr Grundy to check it. If there were any mistakes on it he will use his machine to cut off any bits of pieces that are sticking out. Then we had finished our piece of work we had to let it stay in the cupboard so next week we can take it home.

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